Tips for writing a sports blog

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how to write a good sports blog

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5 Secret Tips To Writing A Successful Short Story

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Deloreen Pond Tuesday, April 23, - pm Reply. Great tips Kristi!! These will be very useful when I re-boot my sports blog and really focus on writing about exactly what I’m passionate about.

Writing great content isn’t easy. Anyone who has ever tried knows this.

How to Start a Sports Blog: The Complete Guide

Thankfully, however, there are techniques designed to make writing a great blog post easier. Football/Soccer bloggers and writers needed; A growing media company focusing on football/soccer websites is looking for experienced and capable writers to report on British football.

The responsibilities will be covering the latest news in a timely, accurate and articulate way. Skills: Article Writing, Blog Writing, Sports. See more.

Time to Rethink Your 2017 Blogging Strategy? How to Write Epic Blog Posts

How to Write Killer Blog Posts and More Compelling Comments By BL Ochman While basic writing talent is innate, many of the skills for writing compelling blog posts and and salient comments can be learned. The basic guidelines: keep your copy lively, factual, tight, clear and short and search engine optimized.

Tips for Writing Better Blog. The introduction is a crucial part of a blog post. It’s a chance to connect with readers and encourage them to read your post. You may think that it’s common knowledge how to write a good introduction, but about 60% of all guest posts that land on my desk lack an introduction.

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Tips for writing a sports blog
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