Ptk7 regulates epididymal duct coiling through

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Furthermore, deletion of Ptk7 from mesenchymal cells surrounding the epithelium did not affect duct elongation and coiling.

However, deletion of Ptk7 from epithelial cells resulted in a similar phenotype to removal of Ptk7 from the mesoderm suggesting epithelial PTK7 autonomously regulates epithelial PCP in the Woffian This data suggest that PTK7 signaling through myosin II regulates PCP, which in turn ensures CE-like of cell rearrangements to drive elongation and coiling of the Wolffian duct.

Ptk7 Regulates Epididymal Duct Coiling Through Regulating Myosin Ii Activity in the Surrounding Mesenchyme Cells of the Epididymal Duct. Heart Rate Lab Sodium chloride This data suggest that PTK7 signaling through myosin II regulates PCP, which in turn ensures CE-like of cell rearrangements to drive elongation and coiling of the Wolffian duct.

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Therefore, PTK7 is essential for Wolffian duct morphogenesis and male fertility. p-MAPK1/3 and DUSP6 regulate epididymal cell proliferation and survival in a region.

Several studies suggest that PTK7 regulates PCP through regulating myosin II activity (Lee et al.,Williams et al., ). In our previous report, we showed that PTK7 regulated polarized myosin II activity in the epithelial cells of the Wolffian duct (Xu et al., ) Cell proliferation the manner in which the Wolffian duct elongates is the most obvious because it is well known that the through cell division is by generalized cell proliferation, epithelium of the Wolffian duct and the postnatal but with equal rates along the duct (Figure 1D).

Ptk7 regulates epididymal duct coiling through
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Tissue expression of PTK7 - Summary - The Human Protein Atlas