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Ordinary Men

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Christopher Browning

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Review of “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland”

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Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland

Ordinary Men is the true story of Reserve Police Battalion of the German Order Police, which was responsible for mass shootings as well as roundups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in Browning argues that most of the men of RPB were not fanatical Nazis but ordinary middle-aged, working-class men who committed these atrocities out of a mixture of Reviews: I chose "Book Review" as the category to be a little more specific, but these questions should make it as plain for the writer as possible.

The book is Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning. Please let me know how you would want me to get you access to this book I can purchase it from Amazon for Kindle if need be.

Thank you. source. Aug 21,  · This helped broaden Ordinary Men’s intended audience, with glowing reviews on the cover from mainstream publications like The New York Times. Extremely short, the first chapter could be from a popular fiction novel.

Home › Media & Culture › Books › Review of “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion and the Final Solution in Poland”. Review of “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion and the Final Solution in Poland” By The Red Phoenix on November 19, • (1). A Glimpse at the Perpetrators of Genocide.

Aug 21,  · Ordinary Men is regarded as seminal in Holocaust studies, as micro-history in its own right, and valuable for studying authoritarianism and indoctrination on individuals and collective groups.

Tracing a single German unit, Reserve Police Battalion (henceforth RPB) throughout their military duty as they are instructed to kill. Browning is best known for his book Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion and the Final Solution in Poland, a study of German Ordnungspolizei (Order Police) Reserve Unitwhich committed massacres and round-ups of Jews for deportations to the Nazi death camps in German-occupied Poland in

Ordinary men book review
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