Literature review on inventory management and control

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Inventory management literature review

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Writing a Literature Review on Inventory Management

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Stock fat which enables to give whether there are any discrepancies between different count and record i. In this paper, we present a review and analysis of studies that focus on humanitarian inventory planning and management.

Specifically, we focus on papers which develop policies and models to determine how much to stock, where to stock, and when to stock throughout the humanitarian supply chain. contain enough indepth information for the analysis.

The second review of papers, based on - specific areas of interest such as Lean Healthcare characteristics, Lean implementation, barriers, challenges, enablers and outcomes, limited the number of papers included.

In reviewing related literature, we focus on work featuring periodic review inventory models with a convex (and nonlinear) ordering cost function or with an average cost criterion. the impact of inventory management and performance of private organizations in uganda.

a case study of coca- cola mbarara plant in mbarara municipality by mugarura kelebu 10/bsu/bba/ a research report submitted to the faculty of business and development studies in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of bachelors’ degree in business administration of bishop stuart university.

Literature Review Inventory management in Tanzania Kipingu [6] discusses the factors affecting efficient management of inventories in local governments in Tanzania. Inventory is a common name stands for the items which are in stock points or work-in-process serving to decouple successive operations.

Effective inventory management is essential for manufacturing organizations for a number of reasons. A basic economic order quantity model allowing backorders is considered in this paper.

Literature review on inventory management and control
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Factors affecting Inventory Operations