Enager industries

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Enager Industries

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Budgeting- To discuss the use of budgets in planning and control- To prepare the budget schedules that make up the master budget- To explain why flexible budgets are needed for performance evaluation.

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Maybe Enager was unable to sell some of its products because of the increase in inventory. In terms of ratios, the company increased its working capital.

ROE and ROS saw a slight raise, but current ratio and debt-to-equity ratios decreased because of the aforementioned increase in debt. With this being said, McNeil's proposal demonstrates a return of 13% (ROA = EBIT/Assets = $,/$3,), and a favorable EVA will be provided under this return figure.

If cost of capital can be had for under 13%, then McNeil's proposal is a money maker for the Enager. In this case, McNeil’s proposal should not have been rejected.

Enager industries
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Enager industries essay