Adobe contribute in-browser editing services

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Adobe Contribute

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Contribute Frequently Asked Questions

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Adobe Contribute Adobe Contribute is a powerful content management system for the web. It allows multiple specified users to add or remove text, pages, documents, images, videos, and audio on your website.

Set up site connection | Contribute

Contribute functions like a web browser with a built in word processor. With Contribute CS5, content authors can edit XML data directly, without having to worry about XML tags. Users simply browse to the XML file (left), then click on the Edit Page button (center). Click on Edit Page on the toolbar (or go to Select File > Actions > Edit Page) to change to the Contribute browser to the Contribute editor.

You cannot edit a page if the page is locked--that is, if someone else is currently editing it. When you browse to a page, the message area under the toolbar indicates whether you can edit that page. You may now edit anything within the "editable region," which is called. In-Browser Editing makes it easy to update your site’s content from a web browser.

Editing Adobe Muse site content using In-browser Editing

Whether you need to make a change to your website on the go, or you want to allow clients and other site contributors the ability to easily edit their content, In-Browser Editing can make the process go smoothly. Adobe Contribute CS5 enables in-browser editing of text, images, and CSS for content authors, as well as drag-and-drop input of FLV, SWF, and PDF files.

Managers can encourage creative web development.

Adobe contribute in-browser editing services
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Adobe Muse CC In-Browser Editing