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The ACT Test

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Ace the ACT Writing

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4 Quick Essay Review Tips for the ACT Writing Section

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ACT Tips and Advice Post

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The ACT Writing section, or Essay, is an optional section and the last one you'll take (if you signed up to take it). Below, we give you two expert tips to help you get. The New ACT Essay / Writing Section Big news: in an effort to make the test more accessible, and compete with the new SAT, the ACT has turned its Essay (Writing) section into a.

The Official ACT Prep Guide—An ACT-authorized prep book, with three practice tests, each with an optional writing test, plus access to hundreds of additional questions online. Preparing for the ACT —This free booklet includes helpful test information, a complete practice test, and a sample writing prompt.

Check out the ACT Writing rubric and use it to self-score your own practice ACT essays. Tip 2: Understand the ACT Writing Score Range It’s important to remember that ACT Writing has a score range, since the rest of the ACT is scored separately on a scale of 0 to In this article, we offer a number of ACT Writing tips as well as a foolproof template for putting them into practice.

ACT Essay Tips The ACT essay is a very short assignment—you only get 40 minutes to write a full-fledged essay—and it can pass in a flash if you don't have a method for attacking it. In SeptemberACT introduced a number of enhancements to the ACT writing test.

Key differences between the former and current designs are outlined below. Writing Prompts. Many elements of the writing prompts remain the same. For example, the test is still an exercise in argumentative writing, and it continues to measure core competencies that are linked to college and career success.

Act writing advice blog
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