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Media Studies Coursework blog for A2 levels

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The whole of the coursework is out of marks, there are three aspects to the coursework. 1) Research and Planning- 20% (Blog) This must demonstrate my interests and the. Posts about Coursework written by olivesqegs Over the past few days I have been working on the review for my film.

I am very close to finishing it now, however I still have a few little edits to make, including moving the number 2 on the look closer section to centralise it with circle like the others, and a few mistakes in the text. OCR A2 Media Studies Coursework Blog Tuesday, 18 October Ancillary Texts.

This is a film poster for the film 'Mean Girls'. The masthead is in two different font types: Arial Black and Arial.

OCR A2 Media Studies Coursework Blog

Done with the Digipak and the music video time has come to start making our music website. I did a detailed research on online tools available for making your own customizable websites. OCR A2 Media Studies Coursework Blog Tuesday, 18 October Ancillary Texts. This is a film poster for the film 'Mean Girls'.

The masthead is in two different font types: Arial Black and Arial. Media Studies Coursework blog for A2 levels Media Studies.


Welcome to my blog for my A2 Media Studies Coursework! I hope you enjoy browsing through my work! Tuesday, 30 April This is the response that my media studies class had after the initial viewing, also grading my video on it's performance, I have to say that the.

A2 media studies coursework blog
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