A review of the story ellen foster

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Ellen Foster

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Ellen Foster [Kaye Gibbons] on abrasiverock.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the American Academy of Arts and Letters' Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction and of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation's Citation for Fiction. An eleven-year-old heroine tells her unforgettable story with honesty.


Ellen Foster is an year-old who has been dealt a rotten hand in life. Her early childhood is spent with a sickly mother and an alcoholic and abusive father. After her mother commits suicide (or is it murder?), Ellen goes to live alone with her father, doing the best she can to avoid being raped or abused.

Kay Gibbons gave a remarkable rendering of Ellen’s life in this novel, Ellen Foster tells the tale of an orphan who in the end finds love and a name in a remarkable way.

Ellen Foster is the story of a 10 year old girl desperately searching for a true family to call her own. When her mother dies she is left with her father until taken away when the school learns he hits her.

Ellen Foster is a kind of Huck Finn, smarter than her years and with wit and resilience in plentiful measure, whose orphan adventures lead her, at last, to a happy home. The story opens with the death of her kind but dragged-into-poverty-and-despair mother, an event that leaves Ellen alone with her father, who, like Huck's Pap, is a piece of.

A review of the story ellen foster
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